Friday, July 4, 2008

Clinton County Fresh Network

The mission of the Clinton County Fresh Network is straightforward – to strengthen the local fresh food economy in Clinton County. Working towards this mission, we aim to create a viable and sustainable local food system with direct links between local farmers and local consumers, between local production and local consumption.

In a community with such a rich agricultural heritage, we want to ensure that all citizens in Clinton County have access to nutritious, affordable, local food. At the same time, we want to provide the support that will enable local farmers to secure a living from growing and selling local, fresh food.

This is a new initiative with actionable goals and measurable results. Read below for information about our local food survey.

Your participation in this survey is the crucial first step in building the Clinton County Fresh Network, a coalition made up of local growers, restaurant owners, grocers, academics, food providers, hunger advocates, government representatives, and local leaders. By contributing your information, you are helping to form the relationships between fresh food producers and consumers that make up the very foundation of the Fresh Network. We hope to use the results of this survey to gain awareness of both the current and the future potential fresh food supply in Clinton County.

All of the information collected from the surveys will be kept anonymous and confidential. If you select to take part in the Clinton County Fresh Network contact list, only your farm contact information and your production details (what you produce at your farm) will be made public in the Fresh Network directory. This Fresh Network directory will offer a variety on free online and print marketing opportunities to reach local consumers.

If you have any questions or would like to learn more about the Clinton County Fresh Network, please contact Dessie Buchanan at or

Your participation in the Clinton County Fresh Network survey is valued and greatly appreciated.


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