Wednesday, July 23, 2008

In the News

Media coverage of the Grow Food, Grow Hope Garden Initiative.


"Planting Commences at WC 'Grow Food, Grow Hope' Garden" Wilmington News Journal, (5/7/2009).

"Harvest Begins at 'Grow Food, Grow Hope' Garden" Wilmington News Journal, (6/5/2009).

"Hope, Gardens Nourish Town DHL Left" Columbus Dispatch, (7/12/2009)

"YMCA Day Campers Visit ECC Demonstration Garden" Wilmington News Journal, (7/28/09).

"Potato Pantry Better Be Supersized" Wilmington News Journal, (10/8/2009)

"Hard-hit Community Learns to Grow Food" Associated Press, (11/11/2009)

 "Community Garden Helps Locals Grow Fresh Food" Epoch times, (11/18/2009)
"Gardening projects accepting applications" Wilmington News Journal, (1/12/10)

Television / Online Video:

"Groups Provide Help for Unemployed in Wilmington" WLWT, Channel 5 Cincinnati, (7/16/09).

"Wilmington's Long Recession" 60 Minutes, CBS News magazine television show (12/20/09)

"Can a Democrat Win Ohio this Year?" The New York Times, (5/30/10)


"Wilmington's Homegrown Hope, Part 2" WYSO Yellow Springs, NPR Affiliate

"Wilmington's Homegrown Hope, Part 3" WYSO Yellow Springs, NPR Affiliate

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