Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Clinton County Farmers' Market

The Clinton County Farmers' Market entered its 12th year this June, but 2010 marks the second year in its new location in the mural parking lot, in downtown Wilmington.  The change has repositioned the market in the historic center of town, where community members can walk or ride their bikes to buy their produce.

The Ohio State University extension office for Clinton County has long managed the market, but with the new location downtown some other community partners have taken the lead in helping the extension office run the market.  Main Street Wilmington and VISTA Dessie Buchanan have done a lot of the legwork in organizing and setting up the market twice a week, and recruiting volunteers to staff the market booth.

Part of Grow Food, Grow Hope's mission is to better connect the community with local growers and healthy food.  To that end, we have maintained a weekly presence at the market at an informational booth where market goers can learn about our project and about the market in general.  We regularly survey the consumers and the growers about the state of the market in order to steer its progress in the right direction.

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