Monday, June 29, 2009

Welcome to Grow Food, Grow Hope

Welcome to the official Grow Food, Grow Hope Garden Initiative blog, where we hope to keep up to date our projects, post photos, videos, links and any other information pertinent to our cause.

A little bit of background: Grow Food, Grow Hope is a brand new community oriented garden initiative based in Wilmington, Ohio, and sponsored by Wilmington College. It is an AmeriCorps* VISTA project, carried out by nine VISTA volunteers and a core group of community partners in and around Clinton County, OH. Through the VISTA program, which seeks to eradicate poverty in the United States, Grow Food, Grow Hope is tasked with raising awareness of the benefits of local food production, backyard and community gardening, self-sustainability and of healthy eating habits. Both the city of Wilmington and the college have a history steeped in rich agricultural heritage, and we believe our environment to be the perfect incubator for local and sustainable food production.

Grow Food, Grow Hope operates a community garden on the W.C. campus, and we are partnering with the city of Wilmington and the Clinton County Regional Planning Commission in a Buy Local First campaign, the Clinton County Farmer's Market, and the Demonstration Garden. Though all of these initiatives were begun well before Grow Food, Grow Hope opened its doors, we hope to offer extra outreach capacity both around the community and specifically on the Wilmington College campus.

In addition to the projects listed, we are focusing our energy on youth and community outreach, a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) campaign, data and research collection, and public relations.

We hope you'll continue to follow our progress, and we look forward to interacting and serving within our community.

In addition to this blog, you can follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and eventually through our static website on the Wilmington College homepage.

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