Thursday, July 30, 2009

From Farm to Family

Despite the rainy weather yesterday morning, the W.C. grounds crew was hard at work harvesting the second round of vegetables from the college farm to be donated to Sugartree Ministries. We delivered three crates full of produce to the food pantry just before noon, when the majority of the families come for lunch and to pick up whatever donated food is available.

In the crates were: 155 banana peppers, 60 squash, 45 zucchini, 23 cucumbers and 21 tomatoes. Allen said that the night before, Tuesday night, they fed 250 people, and Wednesdays are always their busiest. So we started bagging up veggies as fast as possible to beat the 12 o'clock rush, and we finished just in time.
Yesterday was the first day for tomatoes, and they added a nice burst of color to the bags of produce. Volunteers at the food kitchen told us that people were grabbing the bags as fast as they were available last week, and I can only imagine they went even faster this week with the addition of bell, banana and jalapeno peppers, and the tomatoes.

As the number of gardens around town grows, we are getting donations from more places and from different families. In an effort to personalize this garden-to-family transaction, we are starting to put labels on each individual bag telling where the produce was harvested. The more we can visualize where the food is grown, the better understanding people will have of how it got to their table.

Sonja, our Research & Data Collection Coordinator, gave me the official count yesterday of total veggies donated in the past week: 882. In 7 days. We're excited about that.

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