Monday, July 13, 2009

Grow Food, Grow Hope community garden in Columbus Dispatch

The Columbus Dispatch ran a story in it's Sunday, July 12th paper that featured the Grow Food, Grow Hope community garden and Mark and Taylor of Energize Clinton County. The coverage is great for our project, even though there is no mention of our specific initiative, and we are excited to have our first taste of regional media coverage. Kathy did a nice job featuring some of the families and the Tuesday night atmosphere at our weekly harvest meeting. It's great to see the families, like the Joneses and the Gillises, get attention for their part in a very successful community garden. "Hope, gardens nourish town DHL left," (7/12)

That said, the latter half of the story was unfortunately misquoted at times and didn't represent ECC in the way they should have been. Because this is the first time the Dispatch has covered ECC (CNN, NPR, the A.P., Cincinnati Enquirer and Dayton Daily News have all stopped by to write about them, some a couple times), many words were spent on the background of the organization. As Mark and Taylor told me this morning, that story is 8-months-old, and most of the exciting things they are working on (Green Enterprize Zone, local food economics, et cetera.) get less coverage because of the necessary backstory. This is sometimes the problematic nature of regional media coverage: our local media is, at times, better able to tell our story, because they are part of the community they cover. The Dispatch story as a whole was good-- the garden aspect was more or less spot-on, which makes the rest of the story bittersweet.

Regardless, we're grateful Mrs. Gray was able to come to Wilmington and highlight some of the exciting initiatives we've undertaken, and we look forward to more interaction with our capital news media.

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