Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Tuesday Harvest

Last night at the community garden we harvested bags full of fresh squash, eggplant, beets and some seriously overgrown zucchini (see pictures below.) One of the difficulties of meeting only once a week to harvest is the varying speed of growth between all the plants. Zucchini and squash that might be under-ripe one day are sometimes ready to pick the very next. Once zucchini grows past a certain weight, a lot of its flavor is lost. When they grow to the size of some of our zucchini, the best way to prepare them is through zucchini bread or cake, which take puréed or grated zucchini.

It was fitting, then, that Monte and Tara prepared zucchini cake and bread, respectively, for the families and one of the W.C. classes that were at the garden last night. The kids especially liked the cake, and the families and the volunteers took home recipe sheets for both.

There are only two more organized harvest nights planned for the summer, and after that it will move to a voluntary basis. Make sure to come out before the Tuesday Harvests are done!

To see more photos from last night and other Tuesday harvests, click to our Flickr or Facebook pages.

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