Thursday, August 13, 2009

More Summertime love: Corn and Tomatoes

Dessie and Jenn, the newest VISTA to join the family, count the 142 lbs. of fresh tomatoes and 94 ears of Ohio sweetcorn.

Wednesdays have quickly become our regular day at Sugartree, bagging up produce from the college farm and helping pass them out to families and community members at Your Father's Kitchen.

This Wednesday was no different. Six crates of tomatoes and two more burlap sacks of sweetcorn were trucked over from the farm, and we headed to the food bank en masse; all six of the active VISTAs spent the afternoon at Sugartree.

Yesterday was a particularly busy day at the kitchen, with the delivery of a huge food donation from the international relief organization Feed the Children. It was the third such delivery from the group since February 12, when 12 semis dropped off 387,000 lbs. of food for the community. Included in yesterday's delivery were 400 boxes of food and 400 boxes of personal hygiene products. Allen Willoughby, director of Sugartree Ministries, told the Wilmington News Journal the donation should last for about 2 months, depending on the number of people who come in on a daily basis.


Holly said...

Nice work! This is amazing!

Jan said...

Thanks so much for the update. Is there a possibility of doing a class on composting this fall?

Grow Food, Grow Hope said...

Hi, Jan. Thanks for the comment. It's funny you ask about a potential composting class, because our Community Outreach VISTA Eric is currently organizing a campus-wide composting program with Sodexho, and I would imagine that a class or demonstration would be a great fit for that.

We'll keep you updated!