Thursday, August 20, 2009

O-Town or The Day the Students Moved In

The summer of 2009 has ended, at least according to Wilmington College's academic calendar. The last few weeks have been spent preparing for the arrival of new students, and today was sort of the culmination of that preparation: O-Town.

Apart from being the name of an embarrassingly bad boy-band from yesteryear, O-Town is an annual event here at W.C. that brings dozens of local businesses and organizations on to campus to set up booths and market to the incoming freshman. With all the work being done by the Buy Local First Clinton County campaign, as well as our own efforts for that campaign here on campus, O-Town was the perfect way to introduce the new students to the idea of spending their money (or their parents') locally.

Despite the threat of thunderstorms early in the day, this year's O-Town was a resounding success, and from what we heard from upperclassmen and faculty it was much better than in years past. Dessie, our Buy Local & Farmer's Market Coordinator deserves most of the credit for organizing the event this year. She put in a lot of work to make sure everything went as smoothly as it did. High-five, Dessie.

We, too, had our own booth at the event to try and meet students as soon as possible. We made some darn-fine homemade salsa from ingredients harvested from the community gardens as well as our home gardens, and people seemed to love it. We also were able to sign-up some potential volunteers in the process, which will be a tremendous help in the near future when we start rolling out new projects.

We're all excited to get to know the new students and work with them in the future. They'll be a very valuable resource to all of us, and we hope to provide them with outreach opportunities as well, as they get to know their new community.


Ashley Daniels said...

I'm happy that O-Town has finally gotten the attention it needs. It is a great chance for students/parents to see what Wilmington has to offer, which they might not have paid attention to on their prior visits.

Great Work!

Anonymous said...

planting the seed - so to speak - for WC working college - a great future is ahead for all involved!