Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Third Sugartree donation, biggest yet

This morning the W.C. grounds crew dropped off five more crates of vegetables that were picked yesterday and today from the college farm. I was shocked at the amount they were able to pick today, and we were ecstatic to take them over to Sugartree for their busiest day of the week.

In today's donation were: 166 tomatoes, 160 banana peppers, 150 green peppers, 54 squash and two buckets of potatoes. The total number of vegetables was 530, not including the potatoes, and we were able to bag up 110 individual bags with the harvest.

The volunteers at Your Father's Kitchen were excited when we walked in carrying the crates, and they got right to work helping us bag them up. We're especially grateful for Jo Hanner, Michael Meyers and Bill Thatcher, who helped us beginning to end.

After most of the bags were taken, we stuck around for a very good lunch of chili, watermelon and chips & salsa, and talked to a lot of people about our project. We found 10 people who were interested in maintaining their own community garden plot or backyard garden next spring, and a few of them expressed interest in helping out immediately.

By next week we should have the recipe cards we ordered to put in the bags with the vegetables, to give people examples of how to prepare the food. Today we talked a little bit about how to prepare squash and zucchini, but they might be more willing to try new vegetables if they can see first hand how it's prepared.

In just three weeks, the total number of vegetables donated to Sugartree is now 1,412. And we're still growing.


Grow Food, Grow Hope said...
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Kelsey Swindler said...

The amount of food harvested already is incredible! Recipe cards are a great addition, and I think you are right, actually showing how to prepare these vegetables (especially squash) will make the transition from packaged to fresh veggies easier.

Grow Food, Grow Hope said...

The comment issue has been resolved, so comment away!

Anonymous said...

It's amazing to watch a community pull together to address a growing need. As a Wilmington College Alumni, I'm particularly pleased to see WC take a leadership role in this project. I think the recipe cards are a great addition. Maybe some good cooks in the area would be willing to start some basic cooking classes at Your Father's Kitchen. There may be many like myself (who has to look up how to hard boil an egg) that would benefit from another persons cooking experience.