Tuesday, September 8, 2009

AP: Former DHL Workers Move On in Different Ways

The Associated Press published a story today that features a handful of former DHL employees who are making ends meet in new, sometimes wildly different ways.

There's Nancy Hertlein, pictured above, who with her husband has started growing berries and raising honeybees, using the fruit in homemade pies which they sell at local markets. (You can find them at the Clinton County Farmers' Market. Full disclosure: I've tried them. They are easily the best slice of pie you will find in the county.)

Though the Hertlein's haven't turned a profit yet in their new business, they realize that slow-food is slow coming, and new businesses take time. The Hertlein's have personally expressed interest to us in growing food on their property, and it's great to see them featured positively in this story.

Also in the story are Eric and Sandy Wogomon, whom you may know from Next To New Apparel in downtown Wilmington. The Wogomon's opened their second-hand clothing business after Eric lost his job at an auto-supplier in January, and Sandy was laid off from DHL in July. Next To New is a Buy Local First business and the Wogomon's are very active in the local business community in Wilmington. Stop by their storefront at 14 North South Street downtown for some great deals on name brand clothes.

The story ends with another familiar name, 47-year-old Mike O'Machearley, who was laid off as a bus driver for DHL in the first round of layoffs. O'Machearley has turned his hobby of making customized hunting knives into a business, and thanks to the 60 Minutes piece about the DHL departure which also featured Mike, he has 2 years of orders to fill. Read more about his business at his website.

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Next To New Apparel & Accessories said...

Thank you for posting this great article. We are very moved by the hope it provides. We wanted to portray the fact that we live here, choose to stay here, and support the community - to be a resource for clothing purchases that would otherwise be purchased outside the area. Thanks for sharing our story!
Eric & Sandy Wogomon