Monday, September 21, 2009

Fall Fest, Farm to Table and the Tour de Farm: All successes.

Monday morning rolled around a little sooner than we would have liked here at the Service House, after a bustling weekend of events and goings-on around campus. As mentioned in this post, last week was a busy one and the weekend was even busier, with events on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Friday night brought the 3rd Fridays Concert series to Wilmington's campus for the first annual "Fall Fest." Live music from three local bands (Ugly Brown Coat, Sons of Sophistication and Me&Mountains of Dayton) provided the backdrop for students and community members as they visited booths of local restaurants, businesses and organizations. The greek community on campus organized a well-attended cornhole tournament that brought more than fifty students out to play.

Grow Food, Grow Hope had a booth, too, where people could pay 50 cents to throw a mud pie at a VISTA. The ever-artistic Sonja painted our favorite VISTA mascot Cowboy Carrot on a piece of plywood, and the people lined up. We "worked" shifts behind the board, taking pie tins of local (!) mud to the face-- and we managed to raise $37 in the process. There is either some pent up VISTA aggression floating around campus or we are marketing geniuses. We're betting on the latter.

Our friends at Energize Clinton County had a novel idea in selling local apple cider at their booth, which they bought from A&M Orchards of Midland. They had a steady flow of traffic all night waiting for the cider to heat up, even though it never quite got there. It's OK guys-- lukewarm apple cider is almost as good, especially when it's from A&M.

Next to ECC was Main Street Yoga Center, which held a yoga lesson behind their booth and demonstrated 108 sun salutations for peace.

For its first year, "Fall Fest" seemed to be a hit with the community and we are definitely going to expand on next year's festival. Saturday and Sunday also had first-year events that, save for some inclement weather on Sunday afternoon, went off unhitched. You can read about those in today's upcoming posts.

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