Monday, October 26, 2009

Energize Clinton County @ Pop!Tech: Bringing Our Small Town to the National Stage

Our friends and colleagues at Energize Clinton County, Mark Rembert and Taylor Stuckert, were honored this year by being named 2009 Pop!Tech Social Innovation fellows. The Pop!Tech conference is one of the most unique "idea conferences" in the country, and the distinction of being named a fellow carries with it some considerable clout. Our hats are off to Mark and Taylor, who presented a wonderful speech about Wilmington, about the economic climate and what they've been doing to help stabilize and sustain our local economy.

photo by Kris Krug (flickr)
With food issues enjoying widespread media attention around the country, it was no surprise that two of the most high-profile speakers at Pop!Tech this year are directly involved in the food movement: Michael Pollan and Will Allen, both of whom we've written about here. Taylor and Mark were able to speak with Pollan and Allen about Wilmington, and Taylor tells me that he and Pollan spoke about Grow Food, Grow Hope. We're flattered.

You can watch Mark and Taylor's presentation here, as well as other highlights from the conference and convention.

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