Monday, October 12, 2009

First 'Read and Seed' of the Year

The beautiful weather this weekend provided a perfect setting for our first 'Read and Seed' education series, during which kids read about and participate in activities centered around food. We had 12 children attend on Saturday, where they read about pumpkins, made craft replicas of a cross-section of a pumpkin, and enjoyed pumpkin pudding.

Tomorrow morning we will be taking 'Read and Seed' to Clinton County Head Start, where 120 kids will participate in the program. The next public 'Read and Seed' will be November 14, and the specific details will be released soon.

For more information on the series, contact Youth Outreach Coordinator Mariah Fulton at or (937) 382-6661 ext. 488.

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Kaitlyn Baker said...

John--I actually wasn't the one reading DeParle's book at PSO--how strange! Exciting times here!

Quick question--when are you guys open during the week? I am going up to Xenia on Friday and might take 71 right near you guys. My day should end by 4:00--are you in the office on Friday afternoons? Could I stop by and see you all in action?