Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Sugartree Meal Schedule

 Day            Organization
Week 1

1st Monday
Faith Family Church Wilmington
Ridgeville Community Church

1st Tuesday
Dove Church

1st Wednesday
Wilmington News Journal

1st Thursday
Clinton-Massie Key Club

1st Saturday
Wilmington Friends Church

Week 2

2nd Monday
Steve Kempf & Friends

2nd Tuesday
Fellowship of Praise

2nd Wednesday
Xenia Grace Chapel

2nd Thursday
Wilmington Presbyterian

2nd Saturday
Arla Faye’s Share Group

Week 3

3rd Monday
Disciples of Christ

3rd Tuesday
Villars Chapel United Methodist

3rd Wednesday
Centerville Community Church

3rd Thursday
Olive Branch

3rd Saturday
Wilmington Church of Christ

Week 4

4th Monday
Wilmington Assembly of God

4th Tuesday
Chester Friends

4th Wednesday
Wilmington Presbyterian Church

4th Thursday
Wilmington United Methodist 

4th Saturday
First Baptist

Week 5

5th Monday
Centerville Community Church

5th Tuesday
Crossroads Community Church

5th Wednesday
House of the Sovereign Lord

5th Thursday
Xenia Grace Chapel

5th Saturday
Villars Chapel Youth
Wilmington UMC Jr. Youth

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