Monday, April 5, 2010

April is National Gardening Month

Across the country, the month of April is being recognized as National Gardening Month by the National Gardening Association, while communities from Tampa to Tacoma gear up for a fast-approaching 2010 growing season.

We are, of course, participating in this great month of gardening awareness, and we've planned three specific projects for April that we are excited to announce today.

Every gardener has experienced it-- the realization that you'll never be able to eat all of the food that your garden produces. This year, we're taking that realization one step further, and asking our community to plant a row in the garden, from which you'll donate any harvested produce to an area food pantry. High-yield crops like tomatoes, cucumbers and squash typically work best, but you can grow anything you want!

Obviously the real growing won't happen till May at the earliest, so this month we're asking you to pledge your support, by signing up to grow a row for the hungry.

Click here to sign up for this exciting campaign.

Garden Tool Drive
 Gardening done right can, at times, be pretty expensive. The essential tools needed to tend to your garden are a one-time investment, but for many new gardeners that cost is too much. So do you have any garden tools sitting around your garage or shed that you could stand to part with? How about that rusty shovel or extra garden trowel that have been collecting dust? Donate them to us, and we'll make sure they get into the hands of new gardeners who are ready to use them.

We are expecting most donations to be used garden tools, but new garden tools are by-all-means accepted. There are no restrictions on what can be donated: shovels, hoes, trowels, spades, gloves, watering cans, rakes...if it's used in the garden, we'll take it. You can either drop your tools off to us at the Center for Service & Civic Engagement at Wilmington College, or we can arrange to come pick them up.

Click here to read more about the garden tool drive and to pledge your donation.

Bulk Seed Donation
Thanks to two generous donations from Grow Food, Grow Hope supporters, we have thousands of fruit and vegetable seeds that we are giving away for free. Phil Swindler of Swindler & Sons Florists donated more than a dozen varieties of fruit and vegetable seeds, hundreds of seeds of each. Gary Ibsen, a tomato grower and distributor in Little River, CA heard about Wilmington on 60 Minutes, and decided he wanted to help. Mr. Ibsen donated thousands of heirloom tomato seeds to GFGH, with directions to distribute them around our community.

So take a look at the list of available seeds. Do you want some? Does your neighbor? Anyone who wants seeds can request them, while supplies last.

Click here to view a full list of available seeds, and to request some for yourself.

Hopefully you'll choose to participate in one or more of the projects we have planned for National Gardening Month. The growing season will be upon us before we know it, and we're excited to get ready.

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