Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Abandoned planters turned productive gardens

Monday morning's dreary weather was no match for our volunteers from Timbertech. 16 enthusiastic volunteers arrived at 8:30 Monday to landscape, plant vegetables, mulch, and give some much needed Tender Loving Care to the beds both directly in front of Sugartree Ministries at 180 E Main Street as well as the five raised beds across the street owned by Verizon.

The day began with a tour of Sugartree Ministry and an explanation of the Grow Food Grow Hope program and the vision of Jessica Braun, our Food Distribution Coordinator, who created the plan for the Ministry's garden project.

"I want this garden to be educational as well as provide fresh vegetables. We have so many people who come into the ministry with health problems: obesity and diabetes; and being able to provide them and educate them on how to eat and grow their own healthy food could save their lives. They're going to come into the ministry tonight and see this garden they've planted and this will be Day 1 for them. And they will see what it looks like in a day, a week, a month, and see that with a little love and a little effort you can grow your own food and maybe next year they'll be our next group of community garden or backyard garden families and we'll be able to educate them even better."

With an understanding of what they were working for the volunteers got started despite the wet weather. Using the Square Foot Gardening method they planted square-by-square in the planters, which Verizon has generously allowed us to use this season, filling them with combinations of tomatoes, peppers, lettuce, onions, and as many vegetables as could be grown in the small space.

The volunteers made short work of the gardens as well as the landscaped beds adjacent to the building. We were ecstatic to have such a strong turnout despite the weather, and we're ready to watch these gardens grow.

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