Wednesday, May 19, 2010

WYSO produces series on Wilmington, Grow Food, Grow Hope

For almost a year, a radio reporter from WYSO in Yellow Springs, a local NPR affiliate, has been interviewing people in Wilmington for a series of stories that were aired last week. Emily McCord spoke at length with several Grow Food, Grow Hope VISTAs about our experiences in Wilmington and what it means to be working in a community that many of us know so well.

The series, titled "Wilmington's Homegrown Hope" aired as five separate stories, each of which ran during Morning Edition on May 10 through the 14th. Eric Guindon and John Cropper, our Community Outreach and Public Relations coordinators, respectively, were featured in the second installment, and Dessie Buchanan and her efforts at the Clinton County Farmers Market were the focus of the third day's story.

John Cropper and Eric Guindon, left. Dessie Buchanan, right. Photos by Briana Brough for WYSO

All five installments were aired as one long story on Sunday morning, and we heard from several people yesterday who heard the story on WOSU, the Columbus NPR affiliate. If you haven't yet listened to them, we highly recommend you do. They're linked below.

We want to thank Emily for her excellent job telling a complex story, one that other media organizations have tried to tell in shorter time and often missed the mark. Her thoroughness and narrative voice make each story fit together seamlessly. Of all the national media attention we've received this last year, from People Magazine to 60 Minutes to the Associated Press, Emily's story stands apart. We are humbled and grateful, and reminded yet again that the work we're able to do is important work.

Wilmington's Homegrown Hope Part 1
Wilmington's Homegrown Hope Part 2 - Featuring GFGH's Eric Guindon and John Cropper
Wilmington's Homegrown Hope Part 3 - Featuring GFGH's Dessie Buchanan
Wilmington's Homegrown Hope Part 4
Wilmington's Homegrown Hope Part 5

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