Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Local Businesses Help Out

Everyone in the Wilmington and Clinton County community has been such great supporters of Grow Food, Grow Hope and all of the different projects we do. This post highlights two of the most recent examples of support from local businesses.

Weathervane Dry Cleaning generously donated their time to clean all of the Chef's jackets and hats for our Culinary Job Training Class. We are now halfway through the class and the students have really appreciated having the chef uniform to wear each week. Volunteers have also noticed the students as they come and go to Sugartree Ministries before and after class, noting how official the students look in their industry-specific uniforms.

Culinary Students pose with members of the Weathervane team.

Local bookstore and music shop, For a Song and a Story, has recently taken interest in our gardening efforts. Upon meeting several of Grow Food, Grow Hope's new Summer Associates, owner Cindy Shivers asked about the gardens across from Sugartree Ministries located at 215 E. Main Street in front of the Verizon Telecommunications building. After several minutes of discussion and the mention of some tomato plants in need of stakes Ms. Shivers sent the group with enough stakes to ensure happy tomato plants.

Newly staked tomato plants at 215 E Main.

Grow Food Grow Hope is so grateful to every business and community member in Wilmington and the Clinton County area who have volunteered, donated, and/or supported our initiative. We couldn't have done it without you!

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