Monday, June 7, 2010

Sharpening Our Skills

Week Four of our Culinary Job Training Class welcomed Chef Tom back to discuss knife sharpening, steeling and the different styles of cuts that the students would need to know to prepare dishes. Students had their first opportunity to utilize the renovated kitchen at Sugartree Ministries while learning to julienne peppers, dice onions, concasse tomatoes (a process where the tomatoes are scored and scalded, skins and seeds removed, and the flesh diced) to create a delicious salsa which was served at the Ministry's Tuesday evening meal.
Students watch intently as Chef Tom illustrates the appropriate
way to julienne a pepper
Chef Tom exhibits the appropriate way to handle a chef's knife.
Still time for some fun while learning.

Once they had sharpened their culinary skills the students also had the opportunity to sharpen their life skills. Director of Career Services at Wilmington College, Barbara Kaplan, generously utilized her services for the afternoon critiquing students' resumes and giving them hints and tips on resume writing. "Your job as the job seeker is to make them want to hire you" she reminds the students, "you want to show them what skills you can bring to their organization and the position you're applying for."

Director of Career Services, Barbara Kaplan, presents to class.

Students had the opportunity to ask questions, view their critiqued resumes and discuss the ins and outs of job search etiquette. From objective statements to references the students left with example resumes, hints and tips, and a generous offer of assistance from Barbara to continue helping them perfect their resumes. Students left brimming with information and excited at the promise of more cooking next week.

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