Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Tour de Farm 2010

A big thank you to everyone who rode in our 2nd Annual Tour de Farm on Sunday, September 26th.  We had a great morning of biking through beautiful Clinton County and we had a great time stopping at all of the farms!

Our bikers ready to take-off from the WC Community Gardens.

A special thanks to Bergefurd's Farm Market, Branstrator Farms, and  That Guy's Family Farm for being our three farm stops along the way.  Bikers also had the opportunity to explore the Grow Food, Grow Hope Community Garden plots on campus before taking off as well as stopping the Wilmington College Farm on Fife Avenue before continuing on to their 35 mile tour of Clinton County.

Stopping to refuel at Bergefurd's Farm Market.

En route.

Bergefurd's Farm Market

Stopping for a rest at Bergefurd's Farm Market.
A great selection of pumpkins from the Bergefurd's.  

The ride continues.  
Resting at Branstrator Farm.  
Heading towards the last stop.  

That Guy's Family Farm.  
Last look before heading home.  

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