Friday, October 1, 2010

Rescued Food

Wednesday, September 30th, Grow Food, Grow Hope Volunteers and Wilmington College Fraternity, Sigma Zeta, had a great time gleaning apples in New Vienna thanks to a local home owner with excess.

Sigma Zeta picking apples

Karen McKenzie of New Vienna, Ohio, partnered with Grow Food, Grow Hope.  Volunteers went to the McKenzie home where they picked apples and donated them to local food pantry, Sugartree Ministries.  The apples that were picked were well received by those at Sugartree Ministries who were already discussing fried apples, apple crisp, and apple pie, as well as biting into a few right from the box.

Filling the apple box.
Gleaning, a concept as old as farming itself, was considered one of the first forms of assistance to those who were struggling.  In today's atmosphere of commercial farming and big business much goes to waste rather than being shared for those who have little. We would like to thank Ms. McKenzie for allowing us to "rescue" her excess and would like to ask your help to do the same.

If you have excess produce, fruit, or any other edibles that are going to waste as the season begins to change DO NOT LET IT GO TO WASTE CALL US!  Grow Food, Grow Hope would like to rescue this excess and distribute it to those who do not have access to fresh and nutritious foods.

Do you have excess?  More than your family can eat?  Please contact Jessica Braun at the Center for Service & Civic Engagement at 937-382-6661 ext 306 or via email at so she can organize a gleaning operation in your backyard!


Maralyn45 said...

Nice posts...i liked the content..

Grow Food, Grow Hope said...

We're glad you enjoyed it Maralyn! We hope that you let others know about our attempts to glean so that we can share the bounty with those in need!