Friday, January 28, 2011

Healthy Food Does Not Have to Be Elusive

We are proud to be noted in the E-Environmental Magazine's January/February 2011 article "The Growing Fresh Food Movement: Farm-to-School Programs, Community Gardens and Teaching Farms."

While reading the article one particular phrase struck us as pertinent to our current work, "Even as school districts try to integrate farm-to-school meal programs, healthy food options at home can remain elusive for families. That’s why a growing number of community gardens and farms have sprouted, such as Wilmington College’s Grow Food, Grow Hope project in Ohio."

And that is why we want to remind you to apply for a 2011 Community or Backyard Garden Plot. Taking part in a garden plot either at the Wilmington College Friend's of Hope Community Gardens or by working with Grow Food, Grow Hope to build a garden in your own backyard will make fresh food easily accessible to your family throughout the growing season. Not only will this provide you fresh food for the season but you will also be left with gardening lessons that will allow you to continue growing your own food in the future.

If you want to keep healthy food from being elusive this growing season please download our Community and Backyard Garden application and return it to the Center for Service & Civic Engagement by March 1st. If you have other questions about Community and Backyard Garden Programs please contact Bernadette Gallagher at 937-382-6661 ext 693.

Fore more of Grow Food, Grow Hope "In the News" please see our News Archive.

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