Thursday, December 8, 2011

Hope Sprouting in New Places

As the recession lingers and the unemployment rate hovers near the double digits in most states, the need for food is as great as ever. The need for community is perhaps just as great. Word of what we started here in Wilmington has spread to other towns and today word spread back to us in the form of a letter telling of the birth of a new community garden in Fairfax, Virginia.

Here is that letter. It was sent originally to Randy Sarvis, the Public Relations Director at our host site, Wilmington College by a WC Alumni and a member of the WC President's Advisory Board:

Hey, you might want to share a Grow Food, Grow Hope extension story at Christ United Methodist Church here in Virginia with the Grow Food, Grow Hope folks in Ohio. The Grow Food, Grow Hope folks in Ohio were instrumental in guiding us so a big thanks to them, Wilmington College and the Agriculture Department.

It's finally a reality with two Eagle Scouts leading our youth group in a "pilot" construction project this November to get 4 growing plots installed at our Church. Planting will begin early this Spring and harvest in the Fall. The produce will go to the local food banks in connection with our sister Church, Rising Hope along Route 1 here in VA is the plan.

The Hope is for us to learn, grow and transfer our learning to the recently acquired 25 acre campus to be built out in the coming years after we sell our existing Church Campus.

Anybody want to buy 5 pristine acres in Northern Virginia (suburb of Washington, DC) close to your congressmen and congresswoman? Just kidding!!

A few pictures attached. Be well!

Bill Shugarts

We are honored that we can be such an inspiration to others, for others have certainly been an inspiration to us. We wish everyone in Virginia the best of luck with the new garden and we'll be looking forward to more pictures in the spring!

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Kaity said...

How humbling. What an awesome way that GFGH continues to touch lives :)