Friday, June 1, 2012

GFGH visits the Peaceful Acres Lavender Farm

The entryway to the Earthship
Since 2009, The Peaceful Acres Lavender Farm has been known to host the Annual Summer Solstice Lavender Festival. However, within the past four years, Mike Prell who is also the owner of the lavender farm has taken on a new venture.  He has decided to take on the task of designing and building a home that is self sustainable and relies mostly on natural resources. These types of homes have been coined with the term Earthship. An Earthship is a home that is made of recycled material and various other natural materials. Many of these “Earth homes” use tires and pack them with dirt as a foundation.  

Last summer, GFGH collected nearly 50 tires to build our pop bottle green house - which was more than we ended up needing. We had a lot left over, so we offered to donate the extra tires to Mike Prell’s Ohio Earthship project

Mike Prell and the GFGH VISTAs unloading tires
On Wednesday morning, a group of Grow Food, Grow Hope Summer Associates and VISTA’s went to the Lavender Farm to deliver a truck load of tires to be utilized in the construction of the Ohio Earthship. Mike Prell, in return gave the Grow Food, Grow Hope summer associates and VISTA’s a tour of the Earthship. Needless to say, it was not what some of the Summer Associates expected. We were blown away by Mike’s design and dedication to the project. The Earthship consists of 3 bed rooms and two bathrooms, a kitchen, storage room, patio, etc. It had many of the same features as you would find in a typical home.
The Earthship is worth planning a visit and learning more about this alternative way of building a home. Since the location of this Earthship is right next to the Lavender Farm, The Lavender Festival on June 16th and 17th would be the perfect opportunity to enjoy both the Lavender and the Earthship at the same time. 

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