Monday, January 27, 2014

Friends of Hope Community Garden By: Sam Kremer

Now that Winter is upon us, the Friends of Hope Garden is put to rest.  But we are still preparing for the Spring and Summer.  We are setting up locations to recruit gardeners for the upcoming growing season. We are accepting gardener memberships for those interested and we cannot wait to see what the Spring has in store for the garden beds! It will be nice to see plants growing in the beds again, just like last Spring.

When I was preparing for college, I knew that I wanted a job on campus to assist with my college tuition. I was sent some forms that asked for my job preferences. Since I am majoring in Agronomy with a minor in Business Management, I knew that I wanted an agriculture-related job. Three agriculture-related jobs on the list were with Grow Food Grow Hope. I thought that I wouldn’t be selected, due to my lack of gardening experience. To my surprise, I was hired as the Garden Manager. I was  nervous because I came from a farm where we plant corn, soybeans, wheat, hay, and sorghum. My job now consists of managing 40 raised beds where we  plant vegetables, fruits, and herbs. The first week of work, I was thrown into the job and I have learned a lot. There were some plants I had never thought about growing, such as kohlrabi, bok-choy, and Swiss chard.
Some of my duties include planting cool season vegetables, mowing, weeding beds, watering, assisting gardeners, composting, and then cleaning out beds at the end of the growing season. This occurred at the end of October due to frost. I really enjoyed  harvesting the vegetables and then donating some of them to Sugartree Ministries. It was neat to see that the efforts of Grow Food Grow Hope could help others in need.

It’s that time again! I am Samantha Kremer with Grow Food Grow Hope and we are looking for individuals or families that are interested in gardening this Spring and Summer.
You will
· Advance your gardening skills.
· Be part of a unique community.
· Learn to prepare new dishes.
If you are interested in gardening with Grow Food Grow Hope in the Spring and Summer, please fill out an application on our website:
Click on About and find a link to our application at the bottom of the page.

If you have any questions about Grow Food Grow Hope or gardening, please call:
(937) 382-6661 ext. 321
or email

We hope that you will join us this year!

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