Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Garden Sites Prepared by GFGH: 2013

This season, GFGH has built or reestablished 20 garden sites throughout Southwest Ohio. These sites include backyard gardens, school yard gardens, church outreach and ministry gardens and a new plot at the Wilmington Public Library. Two of the sites have been built in Greater Cincinnati at Temple Sholom, Amberly Village, and the New St. John’s Baptist Church, Avondale. 
In addition to the 40-plot Friends of Hope Community Garden on the Wilmington College Campus and the more than 100 backyard, school yard and outreach garden sites already established by GFGH, these gardens will become valuable community resources providing families with accessible, affordable and healthy food for much of the year.
Twenty-four past participants returned to their plots at the Friends of Hope Community Garden this season to see what they could earn from the soil once again. Planting their first round of spring crops in mid-April, many of them will work side-by-side with new gardeners to see their plots stay productive well into October. On average, each plot with produce 100 lbs. of food, providing them with seven months of fresh vegetables that would otherwise not be available.“
It’s great to be out here. Even this early on in the year I can see the sense of community that the gardeners are starting to develop,” said AmeriCorps VISTA Erin Richardson, who leads the GFGH Backyard Gardener Program. “At our garden meeting today, it was hard to get people away. They stayed behind much longer than I had anything to say and shared ideas talked about problems and worked on having the best gardens possible. It’s just really great to see.” It’s still early in the growing season. There’s still time. Whether you are thinking about installing a raised bed or gardening in containers, in every grain of soil, no matter where it be, there is a promise waiting for you. With just a little bit of work and attention, your simple space, can give you a gift like nothing else can. A place of your own, to choose as your own and be as you want to be. A place to grow a better, safer and healthier future for yourself, your family and your community. 

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