Friday, January 17, 2014

Gardener Spotlight

     Grow Food, Grow Hope’s intentions are to teach and encourage families and individuals in the community to garden. It’s difficult for us to gauge whether or not they are actually listening or learning anything we teach them, let alone enjoying it. However, it seems that no matter what person we sit down and speak with about their experiences with Grow Food, Grow Hope each one has nothing but positive things to
say about the gardening initiative.
     With no exception is Robin. Robin is one of the participants from Prairie View Apartments. Though all of the garden participants were eager when they learned that GFGH would be building garden beds for them, Robin showed the most enthusiasm. She had gardened in the past with her grandmother and was excited to have the chance to learn more.
     The very first day that a few Summer Associates went to build the garden beds at Prairie View, Robin was there already tending other plants that were on the property. Unlike the Friends of Hope Community Gardens on campus, we allowed the participants at Prairie View to choose what they wanted to grow. It wasn't until the beds were finished and it was time to plant that Robin really began to shine! Robin greets us every week when we are there with a huge smile on her face.
     Robin shared with us that one of the reasons she enjoys gardening is that it’s relaxing and keeps her mind off of things that may be troubling her. What Robin noticed and what we here at Grow Food Grow Hope love to hear is that the garden beds have been a meeting place for neighbors to come together with a common goal and get to know each other better.
     At Grow Food, Grow Hope, we know how gardening can relieve everyday stresses and bring neighbors together as friends and as a community. We are glad to have Robin as a participant and even more glad that she enjoys working with us as much as we enjoy working with her and the other participants at Prairie View Apartments.

Dominique Parks, 2012 Summer Associate

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