Monday, January 27, 2014

Growing Hope Through Education By: Micaela Wright

This Fall we had the privilege of visiting two Clinton County elementary schools and sharing three different lessons with students.  We also held a successful pumpkin pie family event.

The lessons presented at the schools included Farmer’s Market, Fruits vs. Vegetables, and Where Our Food Comes From?  The second and third graders at Clinton-Massie and New Vienna Elementary School were taught them about what can be found at Farmer’s Markets and that shopping at a farmer’s market is better than going to the grocery store because it’s usually cheaper, the food is fresher and it promotes local economic and business development.  Each class had the opportunity to create posters that will be displayed at the Clinton County Farmer’s Market! The Fruits vs. Vegetables lesson taught the children the difference between fruits and vegetables. The children learned to identify fruits and vegetables, based on whether the item had seeds or not. The third lesson at New Vienna taught the children about how food travels from the farm to the grocery store and then into lunchboxes. The children learend that some foods come from other countries and we marked examples of this on a map. The children also learned that certain foods come from certain crops, for example peanut butter is made from peanuts. The school visits this Fall have been very successful, and I look forward to the Spring lessons for next semester: Pollinators, Life Cycles of Plants, and Bugs..

This Fall I also planned a family event that was pumpkin-themed. It was held at our pavilion by the community gardens. We had about eight children come and participate in a story, games, and a “pumpkin pie walk” (instead of a cake walk). I would like to thank everyone who donated a pumpkin pie and the 20+ volunteers for their help— not only at the pumpkin pie walk, but also at the school visits. The children seemed to have a lot of fun!

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Bugs– Students learn which bugs are helpful to have in the garden and which are bad.
Pollinators-  Students will learn how bees help with pollination and why.
Life Cycles of Plants– Students learn the parts of  a flower and the stages of growth.

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