Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Letter From Project Manager: Tony Staubach

Dear Friends,

     The last few months have not been easy for Grow Food Grow Hope.  Closing out the AmeriCorps VISTA grant and saying good bye to the guaranteed support that it provided has been scary and difficult.  But, this trek is not unlike a friendly hike.  With the wonderful support of hundreds of volunteers and the new Wilmington College GreenChip (Student Work Program) Grow Food Grow Hope has remained strong and is growing at a consistent rate.
     I owe a thank you to the many friends who have volunteered their time and donated their money to Grow Food Grow Hope over the past three months.  Each of them has left their mark and helped Grow Food Grow Hope forge a new path.  
     Equally important are the organizations who have made it a priority to begin gardening.  Those churches and 
community groups who have become interested in Grow Food Grow Hope have the power to impact more lives with our innovative and simple model.
As we travel onward Grow Food Grow Hope is certain to find some rocky terrain or a steep incline.  
     With the support of our community I am certain the Grow Food Grow Hope will emerge a stronger, more successful and impactful organization that meets the diverse needs of the communities in Southwest Ohio.

Anthony Staubach

Project Manager- Grow Food Grow Hope              

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