Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Letter From Project Manager; Tony Staubach

Dear Friends,
     Sometimes we labor for what feels like little reward.  I can’t count the number of times that I have wanted to throw in the preverbal towel and move on.  Like Rob Thomas of Matchbox 20 I often wonder what it’s like to be the Rainmaker and control the quiet but awesome power of water.  I’m sure my family gets tired of hearing my grumbles; I deserve more money, respect or authority.  But then it happens, as if on cue; when I start to complain I see the “fruits of my labor” and I remember that I labor so that others may grow.
      Grow Food Grow Hope is an awesome project because growing produce causes one to realize that there are hundreds of factors outside one’s own control.  The closest I’m ever going to become to being the Rainmaker is turning on a hose, and I’m okay with that.  Gardening inspires me because worrying doesn’t really change the how much grows. 
     I’m always excited about the possibilities of my garden.  When I plant a seed I’m never sure what will happen, will it germinate or will it die, will the roots grow deep, will the plant yield fruit?  In the end everything is usually okay and I see a strong harvest.  However, sometimes I don’t see anything produce and it’s easy for me to get frustrated, that’s when the lesson comes in.  Some things are out of my control.  Sometimes I just have to perform my role and have passion and pray that what I did will yield positive results.

Anthony Staubach                                                          

Project Manager- Grow Food Grow Hope

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