Friday, January 17, 2014

Letter From Project Manager; Tony Staubach

Dear Friends,

     In the spring of 2009 Wilmington College- Grow Food, Grow Hope (WC- GFGH) was established to address the benefits of small plot gardening and sustainable agriculture.  Participants in our programs have developed a strong sense of community but also self-reliance.  We have celebrated four summers of work, thousands of hours of volunteer service, and hundreds of individuals and families served.  As the new Project Manager for Grow Food Grow Hope I would like to express my thanks for all that this community does for WC- GFGH. We could not exist without your donations of time, energy and resources.
     I am impressed by the strength and tenacity of the residents of Clinton County.  That is why this fall we are looking to partner with additional agencies and individuals to bring sustainable agriculture and small plot  gardening to more people in Clinton County.  We have residents who are hungry, whose environmental rights are being exploited, and those who are searching for community. WC- GFGH may not be able to correct these injustices but we can help.
     We are looking for organizations who can host gardens, individuals who can serve as our mentors and ambassadors and agencies looking for collaborative partnerships the center around sustainable agriculture.  As we use the fall to prepare for our next growing season our message is unity.  We are looking forward to the spring and summer of 2013 when we will have an opportunity to collaborate with the community and teach new participants about growing food and growing hope.
     We hope that you will find the time to be a part of WC- GFGH this spring.  We hope you are ready to serve as a mentor, an ambassador or to manage a community garden.  We are looking forward to getting our hands dirty this spring and we are looking forward to getting to know you.

Anthony (Tony) Staubach, Project Manager

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