Friday, January 17, 2014

Recipe: Sweet Potato Fries

     The sweet potato was first thought to be domesticated in Central and South America about 5,000 years ago, but has since made its way across the world to be used in a wide variety of dishes in many cultures.  With dishes ranging from soup to pie to a sweet jelly candy, the sweet potato is very versatile .
     Traditionally part of a casserole, sweet potatoes are a common staple during most thanksgiving feasts. Sweet   Potato Casserole can come in  a variety of types: mashed, whole with a brown sugary top, and even topped with marshmallows. Often found at fall fairs rather than your dinner table is the Sweet  Potato Fry—like French fries, but only sweeter!


  • 3 Whole Sweet Potatoes

  • 2 Tsp of Olive Oil

  • Salt

  • Pepper



     Wash, Peel, and Cut the sweet potatoes into fry-like    portions
Toss the sweet potato fries into your salt and pepper  mixture, coating them as even as you like.
     Spread the fries out onto a well-oiled pan in a single layer and bake at 425 degrees until the fries are lightly browned and crispy (about 25-30 minutes). Be sure to turn fries at least once after about 15 minutes.
Take out and let the fries cool slightly before serving.
Did You Know?

     Although Sweet Potatoes are often called Yams in the United States they are actually two unrelated vegetables. Yams are native to Africa and are related to lilies while Sweet Potatoes were cultivated in the Americas and are a member of the morning glory family.

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