Wednesday, January 15, 2014

The Experiences of Summer Associates, 2013


    The Fall season is back once again and here at the GFGH offices we are all excited to begin a new season. But we can’t forget about our Summer season so soon! Just a little over a month ago the offices here were full of excited college students that loved it here so much they wanted to come help during the Summer.      If you ever have been in the offices or have worked here then you know about the time cards. You also know that there is a small space for you to share what exactly you accomplished throughout the day. So the decision has been made to use what the Summer Associate’s wrote there, and we can fill you all in on what being an Associate here is all about.     Like many places, there is so much here that goes on behind the scenes.  There’s always weeding and cleaning to be done; Kasey Cottrell. Plus we even build greenhouses; Jake Greer, Kyle Marsh,  and Josh York. But sometimes we do things for fun in preparation for events, like organize scarecrow contests, even when we’re sick, Kassandra Cottrell. Occasionally we go to Cincinnati and check out the plots we hope to have there someday; Josh York, Kristin Finkbeiner, and Christina Ledington. But if we’re really lucky, like Whitney Rymer, we get to fetch the compost for the gardens! Plus every now and then someone one loves it here so much that they just can’t stop coming back. Joe Njeru was not only a Summer Associate, but is involved in the Fall season as well, and has taken on much more responsibility in the office.     The Summer Associates were a tremendous benefit to GFGH and everything that was accomplished over the season is of course a big thanks to them! It might be a little house across from a big building, but the GFGH offices really do so much. Anyone that has ever been involved, whether in a little way or a large way is always welcome back. There is always work to be done and the Summer Associates knew it. They did a great job and they had a wonderful time in the process. Much thanks to them, and good luck this academic year!

Tallia McCormick, 2013 Fall Associate

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