Wednesday, January 15, 2014

The Grow Food Grow Hope Food Hub

     Grow Food Grow Hope was lucky enough to receive an $8,000 grant to work with food access beginning in January of 2014. This grant, specifically for this purpose, means a lot to Grow Food Grow Hope. 
     Working with food access is the first step in developing a Food Hub would benefit more than just Grow Food Grow Hope, but locally it could benefit a lot of organizations, growers, and especially consumers,  throughout Clinton County.
      A Food Hub is a self-sustaining way to continue production  locally. Therefore the main goal is to support small town farmers (Wilmington has a lot of them) as well as our gardens, and the people that we support who garden in them too. “Food hubs present an opportunity for communities to make healthy food sourcing a profitable enterprise for producers, distributors, and retailers simultaneously, while improving access to local foods.“  This is vital to any community of course, but especially to Wilmington. Our town has suffered tremendously over the past few years, and whether we like to think about it or not many families have been forced to eat less or eat unhealthy food.
     Although a food hub sounds identical to a farmer’s market it is not. The major difference is that a Food Hub works with growers directly to aggregate and distribute  large quantities of food; they serve as a single point. So there is a single drop-off as well as a place to pick up the food that is being distributed to consumers.A Food Hub would be vital to Grow Food Grow Hope because it would increase the number of consumers that we serve throughout Southwest Ohio. 
     The grant came from Clinton County Foundation. Their generosity continues to provide a way for Grow Food Grow Hope to serve Clinton County’s local food economy and stay true to our mission.  It is our goal at Grow Food Grow Hope to keep the community healthy and well fed, and this will simply enhance our chances of doing this for the long run.
     Overall the grant to GFGH is more meaningful than words could describe. It is amazing that such a small community can pull together to support one another. We cannot wait to see where the food hub will take us in our community!

Tallia McCormick, 2013 Fall Associate

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