Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Welcome to the Garden Patch; The Fall Season

     Growing Food and Growing Hope is a year round operation. This year Grow Food Grow Hope has decided to again extend the garden season into the fall and provide a space for more than 20 gardeners to grow. 
     This season 10 students and 13 community gardeners have decided to dig into the soil and see what our small 12x4 foot plots can yield in the cool growing season.  Although the yields will likely be small for our gardeners this year they have remained enthusiastic. For many of our students this is the first time they have been a part of a community garden and this is the first time they have gardened in the fall.  Seeing anything come up is a treasure to most of them.
     In addition to gardening at our Friends of Hope Garden, gardeners in Cincinnati at the New St. John Baptist Church are about to harvest some of their fall crops.  Grow Food Grow Hope has been working with New St. John Baptist  since June to reestablish their community garden site.  With the support of William Shoecraft, Wilmington College Trustee and Member of the Church, we have been able to work with a group of congregants to set up a maintenance schedule and assist them with their fall harvest.. The congregation has already harvested some collard greens and tomatoes.  With some good luck and a lot of hard work the congregation will soon harvest basil and cabbage.

 Throughout the fall and the winter Grow Food Grow Hope will continue to support all of our gardeners, but this spring some agencies, who have received the assistance of Grow Food Grow Hope for multiple years, will be asked to take on their project on their own so that Grow Food Grow Hope can continue to Spread the Gardens. 
     Spread the Gardens (#spreadthegardens) is tag line associated with our new assistance application process. Beginning this winter agencies who are interested in receiving the assistance of Grow Food Grow Hope will be able to apply for our services.  We will pick three new agencies this spring and will do our best to serve them in any way possible.
     For more information about our Spread the Gardens initiative please visit and look for the Get Involved link at the top of the page.  From here you can learn more about how you can get involved with Grow Food Grow Hope and how you can Spread the Gardens. 

Tony Staubach, Project Manager

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