Monday, February 10, 2014

Don't be Nervous

If you don't have a green thumb, if you don't know anything about soil health and if you don't know how deep to plant a seed-- Don't worry.

Growing up I heard a lot about the magical green thumb.  Some people had beautiful lush gardens and some people had a few nice plants.  But I quickly learned that the secret to a beautiful lush garden wasn't anything more than passion and time.  People who tended to their gardens regularly always had the best results.  (It's a lot like studying).

But, you work full time, you have a lot of children, you're never home, you're too busy, you just don't have the energy or it's hard to get on the ground.  All of these are just excuses.  If you want a beautiful garden or you want to be described as having a green thumb, don't over extend yourself.  Think about what is manageable and plan around that.  Window box gardens have been popular in urban areas for a long time and require very little work.  A raised bed (like we use at the Friends of Hope Garden) can help reduce the number of weeds in your garden and can raise the bed just enough to help with bending over.  A small garden close to your house can be a lot of fun as well.  

The secret to gardening is starting with something small enough to provide you with success.  Sure you're going to have to read some books (or blogs) and you might need to buy some tools, but if you want to be successful at gardening, start small and grow.  Once you feel confident you can expand your garden space.

If you would like to learn more about gardening, or to sign up for our Friends of Hope Community Garden click here.

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